How to Create a Great Electronic Resume

Spread it. You’ll probably be sending some professionally
printed hard copies, especially to”A list” companies or
businesses you’ve set your sights on. But just as likely,

you will be distributing other copies electronically.

Assuming you have written a great resume in the First Place,

Here’s what you need to know about your electronic


1. It has to be searchable.



Someone searching the Net resume banks to get the best

Candidate (you) has to be able to weed out each of the
unqualified applicants, that potentially number in the thousands
of tens of thousands in these times. On average, they’ll enter keyphrases
designed to eliminate the huge majority of posted resumes
and pick the most promising. They do so considerably like one
might Conduct an Online search on Google or another search

motor, by inputting keyword search phrases


electronic contract manufacturing

Their hunt May Be limited to a specific geographic

Area, a specific set of skills or eligibility, or some specific occupation

description, one of obvious search categories.

The geographical part is easy – your contact information

Can help someone looking to get a software programmer in San
Francisco Bay area or some pretzel maker in Milwaukee find you
if you’re qualified and are living in the perfect portion of the


But should You’ve Got technical qualifications which can be

Searched in different manners -“Bachelor of Science” and
“B.Sc.” As an instance, your resume needs to use both variations so

that a search engine locates you way.

And if you have job expertise that’s highly applicable to

The job in question, so be sure to describe it in the many

common ways that it will probably be hunted.

Tip: Read through your completed restart and see if you can not

Describe qualifications, degrees, or job titles in various
alternative ways all through the restart. This will boost

the chances you are going to be seen in an internet search.

ASCII Format:

Your professionally Organized and formatted paper restart may

End up buying gibberish if simply transformed in an
electronic copy. Programs like Word allow you to format fine
looking documents with features such as tabs, bullets,

centering, bold, italic and other word processing niceties.

Unfortunately, when converted to digital form, lots of

These word processing features are lost. Worse, what’s left
over will bear no similarity to the exquisite resume which

you labored over to produce.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. You can Make a

Simple text version within a text editor such as Notepad or some one of
the heaps of text editors around the globe. In this case,

you’ll replace a lot of those text effects.

Another alternative is to utilize a program specially designed

For composing resumes such as WinWay Resume Express. (View the”Do
It Yourself Resumes” page in into
find out about this inexpensive handy app.) Additionally, it
features an easy method to transform your resume to some
searchable digital version with hardly any attempt after

you’ve created the wordprocessing ordered version.

Simple preparations for electronic distribution until you
hit”send” This will substantially increase the possibility your

resume will probably accomplish its intended target.

Copyright 2005 by Vincent Czaplyski, all rights reserved.

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