Dual-Purpose Fertility Dolls


Nelson Evan’s Agyei was convicted for a term of imprisonment for bringing an carved wooden elephant from Ghana into the UK which contained cocaine hidden from its hollow interior. Later, a mirrored wooden fertility doll (akuaba) had also been observed in a storeroom of the laboratory by which Nelson had been working. This had been passed over to the police for analyzing. The next day, Kwame Mainu was informed that one of his supporters, Sandra Garg, had abandoned on maternity leave.

A couple of days after, Kwame needed a meeting with Auntie Rose, who was also helping the British police to stop the medication trafficking.

‘Incidentally,’ Kwame said,’will there be some news of the fertility doll?”

‘As you guessed, it was filled with cocaine,’ answered Auntie Rose,”I hear that the girl friend is pregnant. So they do work all things considered ‘

‘Don’t tell me this,’ explained Kwame,’I am having difficulty staying rational as it is. All these were just two healthy young folks who took no suitable care. ‘With the help of akuaba!’ Insisted Ms Mmoatia (woods sprites).

‘Will it mean a second offence for Nelson?’

‘He was absurd as well as the akuaba in his trial but I doubt if they will bother to prosecute another moment. Afterall the drugs failed to reach the roads .’cbd oil for vape

‘I doubt whether there’s a market for cocaine veteran with old engine oil’

‘Unfortunately, many folks would purchase .’

Kwame had not expected to watch David Barney straight back so soon. This moment he came first in the morning, just when they’d all arrived at the workplace. Kwame finished a quick review of their day’s activities with Mick and Greg and moved straight back into his own office, closing the door. He sat down opposite to his guest’ I guess you are not the bringer of good tidings,’ he said.

‘No, I am afraid not. We’ve found another fertility doll!’

‘Where? – The Way?’

‘After the very first one was present in the diesel-engine storeroom,” Leon arranged a thorough search of the place.’

‘Can it be in the storeroom?’

‘Yes, at a tub of search engine optimization under some old engine parts.’

‘He must have been distressed to cover up them quickly. Do you consider there is more to get?’

‘No, the hunt has been very thorough.’

‘Can this you comprise cocaine like the first?’

‘Sandra is convinced Nelson did not know what was inside the wolf’

‘No, we have the impression that a lot of couriers out of Ghana genuinely believe they are carrying wee, cannabis, perhaps not hard drugs, however, that is still prohibited.’

The day before he had been leaving for Ghana, Kwame received a Hand Written note:

Leicester,12 July 1996

Dear Kwame,

I was not able to leave so unexpectedly but I understand that Mrs Gupta has clarified the conditions. I have appreciated your understanding and kindness and also look forward to re joining the team at the New Year.

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