DVD Printing and Duplication – A Customer’s Experience


Sam works for a business which provides organizations with safety signs and equipment in addition to performing hazard assessments for a variety of eventualities. The business enterprise has lately begun to move in the subject of supplying safety advice videos and it has employed the assistance of a community video production company to film and deliver the basic safety videos to them. Upon talking with existing customers about the brand new video services and products and organizing a screening for a number of businesses, it became apparent there are a considerable requirement for video services and products plus they’d require in order to furnish them with copies of related security videos in addition to using them to advertise their particular organization into other organizations.

Consequently, they found themselves needing a DVD printing and blank media printing copying business to help with producing duplicates of these safety videos at bulk. Sam has been delegated the job of locating a more respectable supplier as she’s got a fantastic technical and I.T. skill-set and the essential experience. Even the current customers were rather keen to get the videos on DVD when you possibly can and also the Managing Director has been excited to start mailing DVDs together with promotional stuff to acquire more business to the provider. They let themselves 14 days to the job from beginning to finish.

She had been surprised by the number of businesses that there were at the united kingdom offering these services along with also the scale of a number of their surgeries. Sam have been under the belief that digital downloads had decimated the disc manufacturing business but her research demonstrated differently. The team had decided up on a first run of 500 copies for all 20 unique videos, a element 10,000 discs whatsoever. Sam began by asking quotes from top companies within a finalised list. These businesses had great good, enlightening sites and great customer responses, therefore that she chose to utilize the quote process for a person support estimate.

Seven out of the ten DVD duplication businesses on the list got straight back again to her over one hour of this quotation petition and three of these followed by a telephone. Sam talked to a person director for an organization during these requirements and has been impressed with his agreeing, respectful strategy and degree of knowledge, therefore that she chose to use this specific firm. They did not furnish the least expensive quotation but she actually is a major advocate of this expression,”You get what you buy” and also this provider gave her impression that they appeared and could furnish a premium excellent product that was crucial because she wished to create a more dazzling initial impression with her clients, inturn.

DVD Art, Templates and Experts

While these were merely a 30 minute trip from the offices, she went and accepted along to meet him 2pm another day. Throughout the interview Sam was introduced into the bewildering selection of packaging and printing options offered to get DVDs but matters became much better after she clarified the job was around, the job budget and everything had been wanted to get across to their customers. Sam chose up on a lithographic printing for those DVDs as she had any very nice still shots from the video manufacturing sessions that may create amazing DVD printing art and DVD packaging art. Since she had been fine with Adobe Photoshop, Mark implied he should furnish Sam using DVD templates along with packaging templates on her own to create the art for those DVDs herself because she had a fantastic concept about what she wished to see the final product.

They discussed the gaps between printing approaches for DVDs; screen-printing is fantastic for art comprising cubes of text and colour along with lithographic printing is ideal for printing photographic images on the DVDs themselves. The DVD packaging is printed so aside from if the image is either white and black or singing and dance full-colour, the print costs will be the very same.

Mark afterward revealed Sam round the DVD duplication package in his company through which the duplicates of those DVDs are created. The package contained many duplication towers linked to some fundamental commanding venture unit. The duplication pushes themselves would be just like the ones present at a desktop PC along with the towers dwelling as much as 20 pushes. To be able to enhance the efficacy of the package you will find lots of these systems running simultaneously and unloading and loading of their DVDs from every respective drive has been completed by means of a robotic management system as opposed to by hand. The robotic system introduces possible harm to the top of their printed DVDs since they’re lifted employing a string of small, rubber cups. The unloading and loading procedure is extremely fast allowing the package to replicate several tens of thousands of DVDs quickly to decrease job leadtimes.

The DVD Guru and also a Format Issue

After their quick excursion of this duplication package, they discussed that the DVD pros and also the way the videos must be presented to both customers and potential clients. Their conversation showed a severe dilemma with the DVD files. The video files were at a AVI format and so were put into chapters for all one of those 20 DVDs but each DVD required to own a menu picture also to offer the choice for your viewer to decide on the chapter they desired to see. This meant that every DVD required to function as re-mastered to include things like the menu system and also the arrangement changed so your DVDs would play at a standalone DVD player in addition to onto a PC or notebook.

Unexpectedly, fourteen days was appearing somewhat tight to the job as all of this must be achieved for 20 distinct DVDs. Additionally, it included with the job cost but Sam didn’t wish to cut corners with the demonstration of the DVDs so she modified the funding made a mental note to consider to think about the DVD sparking for its next job.

There’s an remarkable selection of unique sorts of DVD packaging available nevertheless Sam relied up on an easy, clear conventional DVD case with this particular endeavor since this enabled her to incorporate a 8 page booklet in the instance on the lefthand which occured inplace by moulded plastic clips. The DVD instance printed cap afterward slots down in the crystal clear plastic sheath over the surface the circumstance.

The Creation of this DVDs

Sam spent the subsequent two days producing the art for those DVDs and also learnt alot about producing art for printing, like making certain the photographic image isn’t too dark as black graphics usually do not print well and about keeping some other text well in the border of this printing (allow atleast 4 to 5mm clearance). She learnt concerning the dependence on a 3mm bleed zone across the boundary of this art to permit published image bleed throughout the practice. The pros are made and verified at the close of the week that made approximately 4 trading days to the preferred company to create the DVDs. These certainly were cutting it fine however, the supplier was able to come through to them. The supplier had devoted to bringing several of the DVDs over the Friday of the next week and so they left an delivery to the Friday morning. The last products have been great and also Sam was fulfilled she had made the ideal decision with respect to this supplier have been very supportive through the entire job.

The DVDs were shown to be exceptionally popular and so were gone over the subsequent a couple of weeks. Happily, since the supplier had most the information on document these could create the other streak of 10,000 in just 3 days. Mark and Sam subsequently discussed the chances of producing the future streak of DVDs with the replication process as opposed to the copying process whilst the amounts will be higher and Sam might create a saving to the machine cost at the cost of just a bit more production period.


Sam’s primary adventure of this DVD printing and breeding industry was a mostly favorable one primarily because of having found a fantastic supplier but there have been a few things where better preparation has been required or experience might have helped. She creates the following recommendations for anybody else that finds themselves at Precisely the Same place:

Do some comprehensive Online study on possible providers
Produce a decision on the Type of customer service Which You Can anticipate by requesting to get a quotation
Request templates in case you are likely to perform the art yourself
Talk what works and what does not with your provider, do not wait until 3 days until you want DVDs
Ensure Your master is properly formatted for Optimum participant grip
Do not attempt to do all last minute, that is when errors have been made and money will be wasted
See to your supplier in regard, you are going to probably receive yourself a fantastic service which manner.


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