Poker Book Review: Kill Phil, The Fast Track to Success in No Limit Hold’em Tournaments


As a complete time online tournament poker player, I’m always ready to accept new concepts, opinions and strategies. Now whether you trust the strategies presented in this poker publication, it’s a need to be conscious of your opponent’s knowledge and recognize their strategies too. Some of which will be derived from novels like this from the a long time.

Nelson and Rodman Gclub are experts at this match and each has an outstanding list of achievements. Inside this book, they contribute to the novice player an easy strategy to execute in No Limit Hold’em Tournaments. Having used these strategies themselves, wellthey know of what they write. The assumption of this Kill Phil strategy is twofold. 1- simply take whole advantage of gambling all of your pile (it really is nolimit all things considered ) consistently, therefore hiding the real potency of your hand, and 2- Negate post-flop play which is usually the domain of players that are stronger.

The rationale this is, that each time you’re allin, and also a thought favorite, your capacity to build an enormous pile is quite realistic. Furthermore, even in the event that you go all in with the encouraged hands and also wind up you will not be much of the underdog. The book shows in detail how certain hands that you wouldn’t want to go allin with, stand excellent chances to simply take down a enormous pot.

The Kill Phil Strategy is basically a byproduct of how tournament formats are traditionally structured.

The writers do an superb job of explaining that poker tournament plan, giving confidence to some new poker championship player. As a veteran individual I did find several flaws within the system, which don’t remove the writing and the generous amount of background tournament information contained here. Personally I couldn’t use this particular formula, because a large portion of my match is post flop aggression. As well, if you utilize theses tactics in a low entry fee online tournament, well let us say you will get laughed out of Dodge. I have observed such characters and so they NEVER triumph on the web. Players like myself line up drooling for just the right moment to take these chumps down.

But as I mentioned earlier in the day, being keen to fresh theories is part of growing and improving since player. The authors present an fantastic short heap strategy that can be incorporated in to most players’ matches, and that I’m fond of using. Hey, for those who get two players that this good, clunking heads, chances, and tips together, give them both the 25 bucks and read their own publication.

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